welcome to the mlp gorefic zone

one of my strongest interests is in my little pony grimdark and gorefics. in this page i will discuss my favorites and offer direct links for those with similar interests. while the website is a work in progress, eventually this will be an alphabetized list.

sweet apple massacre

one of my least favorite reading experiences, but one of the most well known fics. this is a short and simple story about big mac enacting his revenge on the cutie mark crusaders using the highly questionable reasoning of "peace and quiet". since when is big mac someone irritated by noise? the only reason to read it is just knowing how bad and disturbing it is.

warnings: incest, rape, necrophilia, foalcon, torture of foals

recommendation: skip unless you're a completionist

cheerilees garden (read here)

a classic among mlp gorefics, probably one of the first you should read if it is within your interests. a frustrated cheerilee begins viewing her problem students - the cmc, diamond tiara and silver spoon as well as snips and snails - as weeds within her garden. she vows to never allow weeds to overtake her garden again and torturously slaughters them using the elaborate guise of a school play. filled with interesting torture methods and gruesome deaths, this story earns its place as one of the most popular in its genre.

warnings: torture of foals

recommendation: definitely worth the read

cupcakes (read here)

if you've never read cupcakes but you have an interest at all in the world of macabre horse fanfiction, you owe it to yourself to read this genre-starter. pinkie pies jovial and frightening nature is very fun to read and while the torture methods are rather lacking, the mo it paints is very interesting to me- one where the ghastly remains of ponies are used to create fun party decorations and delicious cupcakes!

warnings: none

recommendation: must read!